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Organizing Center

Organizing Center

Teachers are the experts on education.

Using School E-mail for Organizing

Using Social Networking for Organizing

Locals should be actively involved in seeking the best people to run for local school elections. The decisions this board makes is important to the children, district, and its employees.

Beyond Better Wages, Benefits, and Conditions

Working Conditions of a Teacher

Statewide shortages accelerate the union's efforts to organize substitute teachers

Teacher Working Conditions Toolkit

Organizing Principals

Tons of articles...

Teacher Working Conditions Are Student Learning Conditions

New Ideas to Improve Teacher Working Conditions


NEA: "Recruit, Reclaim, Retain"

CD Sections and contents:

Section 1: Preliminaries

Step 1: Everyone is Involved
Step 2: “What If Only a Couple of Us Do Everything?”
Step 3: Setting Goals
Step 4: Setting Targets
Step 5: Data You Will Need

Section 2: People and Their Jobs

Step 1:  The Local President
Step 2:  The Other Officers
Step 3:  The Membership Coordinator
Step 4:  The Membership Committee
Step 5:  The Association Representative
Step 6:  The Membership Recruiter
Step 7:  The Members

Section 3: The Plan

Step 1:  Plan for the Entire Year
Step 2:  Critical Components of a Memb Plan|
Step 3:  The Membership Calendar
Step 4:  Planning Checklist
Step 5:  Information for Recruiters
Step 6:  Promotional Materials

Section 4: Training Recruiters

Step 1:    Where To Start
Step 2:    A Sample Agenda
Step 3:    Steps to Successful Memb Recruitment
Step 4:    Listening
Step 5:    The Art of Asking Questions
Step 6:    Knowing the Association
Step 7:    Practice Makes Perfect
Step 8:    Overturning Objections
Step 9:    Overturning Some Specific Objections
Step 10:  Information for Recruiters

Section 5: Promoting the Association

Step 1:  The Communications System
Step 2:  Tips for the Local
Step 3:  Tips for the Association Representative
Step 4:  Rewards and Recognition
Step 5:  Assoc Resources, Programs, Projects

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