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Our Services

Bernadette Hampton is President of The SCEA and chairs its Executive Board. President Hampton and a Board of elected leaders from around the state oversee The SCEA's policies and legislative agenda. President Hampton is the presiding office and official spokesperson of The SCEA.  

Roger Smith is Executive Director of The SCEA. Mr. Smith oversees the day to day operations, staff, and the Legal Services Program. He is also actively engaged in The SCEA's efforts in the Legislature.   

Catherine Larson is our Manager of Business and Finance.

Tyra Goines keeps The SCEA's membership operations running.

Kristine Hartvigsen is The SCEA's Communications Director.

Noelle Poole Enoch, Tygere Charles, Vera Loyd, Beverly Dore and Melody Bollinger are in the field and provide services to members.

Kathy Richardson, through her work with The SCEA's Children's Foundation, works with our Professional Development program. She works to develop professional development events that are interesting and relevant for today's educators. Participants are provided with the necessary documentation to get certificate credit from their district. 

Joanie Lawson, our Legislative Specialist and Lobbyistmonitors the activities of our elected officials and the Statehouse, and speaks up for your interests. Visit our Legislative page for updates during the Legislative session from January through June. In addition, Joanie, President Hampton, Mr. Smith and our staff are in conversation with the Department of Education, CERRA and others, constantly working to improve education in SC.

Janet Stein oversees the Member Advocacy Center program and assists members with day to day employment problems. Janet is also the association's webmaster and maintains two areas dedicated to member advocacy, The SCEA website and an external Member Advocacy Center site. These sites provide resources related to employment rights and how to handle mistreatment. We have a Formal Evaluation pages dedicated to ADEPT- the old and new systems. The Member Advocacy Program supports The SCEA's goal to Protect and Defend public education in South Carolina. Some of the content on these sites is password protected, for Members Only.

We have field organizers throughout the state. The SCEA's field organizing program is designed to strengthen our Association by amplying educator's voices on behalf of children, public education, and educators. By working together, The SCEA members are improving public education in South Carolina.

Additional Services:
Mentors through Our Professional Partners Program

The SC Children’s Foundation provides mentoring for teachers.

Professional Development. Our conferences include important issues such as Common Core, Student Growth, VAM, Learning Objectives (SLOs), Technology and more. Watch for information.

Legal Services

When members face a serious situation that jeopardizes their continued employment, NEA and The SCEA provide legal services. Our attorneys are well respected in SC and have more than 30 years of experience. Call 864-641-7272.

NEA Advice and Support Site

Common Core Support Center

Guidance Papers and Publications

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