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Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

We invite you to become a Rep for your Professional Association.

Local Association Leaders and School Contacts (ARs)

Local Leaders

The structure of The SCEA provides for a Local Association for each school district. For example, the Richland County Education Association is the Local (The SCEA/NEA) Association for the Richland County School Districts 1 and 2. A President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer provide the leadership for each Local Association and are elected by their members. If your Local does not have officers in place, contact us about how you can be involved in a leadership role in your Local Association. 

School/Site Contacts or "ARs"

Faculty or staff members who serve as our Contact person for their school are in one of the most important positions within The SCEA family. Site Reps are the eyes, ears and voice of The SCEA. The SCEA relies on them to keep us informed and let us know when opportunities arise to assist school employees. 

Understanding The SCEA - Your Professional Association 

It is important that members have a basic understanding of The SCEA, as their professional association, and then build on it with personal involvement. This is an important step to improving working conditions and public education in South Carolina. Site Contact Reps play an important role in helping the members in his or her school gain this understanding about their professional association. 

  • Support Chain. Your membership means you belong to the local, state, and national Association.
  • Help on the Job. If you want to strengthen your skills, The SCEA offers members advice, professional developlement, and assistance. NEA has a Teacher Toolkit with free basic tools to help teachers. The NEA Foundation provides teachers with grants to get their projects off the ground.
  • Strong Professional Network. Our members are part of a large network of education professionals. You're on our team and we're on yours. If you don't know who the Association members are in your building, contact The SCEA and ask us. We are on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Protection. The SCEA’s Member Advocacy Center provides statewide advocacy to members. If you are unfairly accused of wrongdoing or mistreated, you have someone to call. Plus, if a legal issue arises, you have legal services and $1 million in liability insurance. 
  • Legislative Watchdogs. The SCEA helps elected officials understand what you need. We network with the important political players to lobby for things like defeating vouchers and improving salaries. Our top-notch lobbyists are fighting for member rights in Washington, South Carolina and the local school board.
  • Fighting for Funding. The lobbyists make impassioned arguments for improved school funding. They let legislators know about the needs, interests, and priorities of teachers. For example, you're not the only one talking about what's wrong with the so-called No Child Left Behind law. NEA lobbyists are fighting to get the law changed.
  • Local Merchant Discounts. Our awesome Member Benefits Program provides insurance discounts, and coupons for stores like Target, Ann Taylor, Best Buy and more through NEA Member Benefits.
  • If We Build It, They Will Come. Understanding more about what The SCEA is and does, can't be the end of member involvement. Through involvement - taking on issues that affect the classroom and your employment — a community of educators grows stronger. A strong and healthy professional association relies on the participation of all of its members. With every member who becomes involved, The SCEA becomes stronger for its members, public education and the children of South Carolina.
  • Communications. The SCEA’s ability to get the word out and keep members informed is contingent upon the presence of a Contact Rep in each school who can pass information along. The SCEA invites you to become our Contact Rep at your school or work site. We will provide you with the information, tools and support you need.

Members are sometimes hesitant to take on a Leadership role because they do not know what is involved or they assume it will be too time consuming. The SCEA understands this and we can help you. You are never alone and we will never ask or expect you to do more than you can. Being in a Leadership role in your Professional Association is an exciting part of your professional portfolio and can be very rewarding.

Contact Bernadette Hampton, The SCEA President and tell her that you want to be a part of this exciting opportunity!

Your Professional Support Chain

Local Education Association
Your most immediate contact for getting professional support. This is your local group comprised of the members in your school district.


State Education Association - The SCEA
In every state, there is a state affiliate of the NEA. The state association works through the Legislature and state department to improve the pay, benefits, and regulations that affect you.


National Education Association
Like the state Association, the National Education Association works on improving working conditions and salaries for teachers and support professionals through advocacy and research. The focus at the national level is on federal legislators, the President, and national policy.

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