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From the Front Lines

From the Front Lines

With 34 years of experience, I know what helps students learn. Jackie B. Hicks

Do you have a story to tell about teaching or working in education? We want to hear from all categories of school employees. Send your story for publication to

"Hi, it's XXXXX. I'm back to work. Everything turned out great during my meeting and I went back to work today. I'm just so thankful that you were there for me. You really really helped me through a very tough time and I thank you so much. 

Our school is rife with bullying from the principal. Many co-workers and myself have been subjected to arbitrary grade level assignments for the following year disregarding all other input from teachers and parents. I am not alone at my school.  If you disagree with anything, she takes her revenge in numerous ways.  It is a lousy atmosphere.  Due to her random ways with teachers and parents, we are losing many of our best parent supporters and their children this year.  We have already seen a number of teachers leave under this pressure. ~ Richland One

I thought the SCEA did a stellar job in supporting me and my fellow teachers at XXXX School when the principal put undocumented "Improvement Plan" form letters in the same District envelopes that contained our contracts. These are the actions that the SCEA took to protect me and other teachers:

  • Help in crafting a STRONG rebuttal to the improvement plan
  • Frequent meetings with SCEA representatives at our school site--that social support was great!
  • Guidance in the grievance process
  • Monthly meetings led by our local rep that focused on issues and stakeholders (from members of the board to state and federal representatives)
  • Knowing that if I had a question about a policy or procedure that I had a knowledgeable advocate that I could contact.

Yes, I am a fan of the SCEA! Thanks again! ~ Hartsville

Thank you SCEA for bringing attention to this very important issue for teachers. I read your article about how teachers are bullied and you nailed it! But when you talk about what teachers should do, you fail to realize how spiteful and vendictive some principals are and the district doesn't care. They just let them do what they want to. Teachers need a real union in SC and this stuff would stop. ~ Greenville

Thank you so much for showing faith in me! I haven't had a lot of faith in myself and you have really helped me. I am advocating SCEA to my colleagues; as I said in our meetings - there are several others here who need to stand up for themselves for very legitimate reasons. Unfortunately after this much harassment, you really get paranoid and doubt your own integrity. I am encouraging them to get support from you and the SCEA. ~ Clover

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your assistance and follow-up – you are the BEST! - Beaufort


  • Do not include confidential student information.
  • Do not identify your district, school, or co-workers.
  • Try to limit your comments to no more than 300 words.
  • We will not proof your work or check spelling, so please do that before you send your story to us.
  • Include your name and a contact phone number for our use only. We will not share your information.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to publish submissions that we believe are not appropriate.

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