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"ADEPT" is an acronym for SC's evaluation system for certified employees. The letters stand for assisting, developing, and evaluating professional teaching. In addition to classroom-base teachers, the ADEPT system also includes special area educators (i.e., school guidance counselors, library media specialists, and speech-language therapists).

ADEPT replaces all older evaluation models such as TEAM, STEP, FEAT and so forth.

There are 3 ADEPT Models - SAFE-T, TAP, and PAS-T

SAFE-T/ADEPT - Classroom Teachers



SAFE-T/ADEPT - Guidance

PADEPP/ADEPT - Administrators

TAP Site

TAP/ADEPT (for TAP Schools only) - The performance evaluation component of TAP: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement has been approved under the ADEPT system, and the TAP rubrics have been aligned with the ADEPT Performance Standards (APSs) for Classroom-Based Teachers. What schools are participating?

PAS-T/ADEPT (for Greenville only) Greenville County Schools uses the Performance Assessment For Teachers (PAS-T) as the model for our teacher evaluation. The PAS-T model is a South Carolina State Department approved model of teacher evaluation and is a modified form of ADEPT.


This 6-minute video provides an overview of TAP.
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