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Request Help

For Help: 800-422-7232, ext. 4004 or Email:

The SCEA's member advocacy program was established to assist members with work related concerns. Typical issues for which we provide assistance are:

Improvement Plans
Contract Non-renewal

When to Call Us and How to Reach Us

Members should call at the first sign of trouble. Your call to us is confidential. You must be a member of The SCEA to receive services.

Call 800-422-7232, ext 4004.

In the Columbia area, call 803-772-6553, ext 4004

Email If you do not have a personal/home email address, we encourage you to go to one of the free sites (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL) and get one. It is best to use a personal email address when communicating with us about work concerns.

Requests for an Attorney - We frequently receive requests for an attorney. Attorneys are consulted when a member has been notified of the district's intent to terminate their employment or not renew their contract, and other disciplinary actions. For other situations, The SCEA has trained staff advocates to assist and represent members in crisis.

Your phone call will be returned as soon as possible.

  • If you are using a cell phone, check your voice mail box to make sure it works and is not full. 
  • Do not send text messages. Our phone is a land phone.

The SCEA is here for you. Call us and let us help you become more knowledgeable about your rights and learn how to address workplace conflict.To arrange for a presentation or workshop in your area, send an e-mail to Janet Stein. If you are a member of The SCEA, you may request a copy of our Rights Handbook

More Resources

Don't see what you are looking for? SEARCH or send an email to

Teacher Employment Dismissal Act

Click Here to go to SC School District Personnel Policies


The SCEA staff who maintain strive to provide accurate and relevant information, based on their knowledge, training and experience. No employee of The SCEA is an attorney and no information or advice provided by any employee of The SCEA is presented as "legal advice". Furthermore, members should not allow information received from The SCEA to influence any decision to seek legal advice. Members of The SCEA have access to legal services as a benefit of membership, for employment matters.

School employees who are upset, worried, or angry may do the wrong thing.


  • give a written statement to administration (when accused of wrongdoing) without letting us see it first, if possible.
  • quit without seeking advice. Never resign under duress. Allow time to give it careful thought. Even if pressured to do so, an employee cannot be forced to resign. 
  • refuse to sign evaluation documents. Teachers are required by state law to sign their evaluation documents. Teachers can add a notation that they do not agree with the information. 
  • refuse to meet with an administrator. 
  • call School Board members.
  • write/send letter or emails when angry or upset.


  • ask for more time to seek advice or think things over so you can call us.
  • call us at the first sign of trouble.
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