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School Boards as Partners

How much do you understand about your School Board: Do you know ...

• What does the school board do?
• How many school board members serve on your district's school board?
• Who are they? What are their occupations, interests and background?
• When are school board elections held?
• What is the term of office for board members?
• Are the terms staggered or un-staggered?
• How are they elected?
• Is the school board fiscally independent of the county council?
• What is the relationship between the board and the superintendent?
• When and where are board meetings held?
• What is the procedure if you want to address the Board?
• What if you disagree with what the school board does?
• What are your rights, as parents?


What does the School Board do? Local school boards have the following powers:


• Provide for schools in its district that are comfortable
• Employ and discharge teachers, fix their salaries
• Create rules and regulations for the district
• Take care of, manage and control the school property of the district
• Visit schools
• Manage and control local educational interests of its district
• Decide to operate or not to operate any public school
• Charge and collect matriculation and incidental fees from students
• Transfer and assign pupils
• Prescribe conditions and charges for attendance
• Provide school-age child care program
• Establish the annual calendar



The South Carolina School Boards Association (SCSBA) is a non-profit organization, serves as a source of information and as a statewide voice for boards governing the 85 public school districts. The SCSBA office is located at 1027 Barnwell St. near the University of South Carolina campus. At the annual Delegate Assembly, representatives from each school district meet to elect officers, adopt resolutions to guide the association, act on constitutional changes and conduct other business.


"The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next." - Abraham Lincoln


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