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Most everything that affects public education and public school employees is decided by the SC Legislature between January and June each year. The legislators who make these decisions were elected by you. They are accountable to you and you should hold them accountable for the decisions they make.

When the 2011 session convenes, we encourage you to educate yourself on the issues and, most importantly, we hope you will take a moment to talk to your legislator about the needs of public school employees and how the proposed Bills affect you, your students, and public education.

The SCEA will be at the Statehouse, speaking on behalf of our members. If you are not a member of The SCEA, join us today and make our voice stronger! Be a part of the change that SC needs.

Be sure to check out the links in this section for useful information.

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NEA Reference Center

Research reports reviewing data on educational issues and policy papers concerning NEA members, educators, and the public school community.

Intense research site. Tons of information.


  • Maps and SC Resources
  • SC School District Personnel Policies
  • Map of SC School Districts
  • SC Superintendents
  • SC Information Highway Site
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