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Paraprofessional is a job title given to persons who work in education who are trained to assist professionals but are not themselves certified or licensed at a professional level. The paraprofessional is able to perform tasks requiring significant knowledge and may even function independently of direct professional supervision, but lacks the official authority of the professional. 

Paraprofessional educator, alternatively known as a para-pro, paraeducator. instructional assistant, teacher's aide or classroom assistant, is a teaching-related position within a school generally responsible for specialized or concentrated assistance for students in elementary and secondary schools.

The SCEA believes that paraprofessionals are critical to the success of public schools and our children, and we honor them for the contribution they make to public education.

Sites of Interest:

SC Department of Education Paraprofessional site

NEA's Paraeducator Site

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Teacher Assistants held about 1.3 million jobs in 2008. 


The SCEA invites all Teacher Assistants in South Carolina's public schools to join The SCEA, the professional association for paraprofessionals in SC.

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