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Formal Evaluation - Certified Employees

Formal Evaluation

Let's make SC's teacher evaluation the most professional in the nation.

Current ADEPT (SAFE-T) Model
Introduced in June 2006
Currently in use in all schools except Greenville, TAP Schools, and SIG Schools



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Appealing Formal Evaluation

Teachers are often told by their district that they cannot appeal their evaluation if they don't pass. This isn't necessarily correct.

Teachers CAN file a grievance/appeal their formal evaluation if it was not handled properly.

CAUTION: Teachers who want to file a grievance should contact THE SCEA no later than 7 work days after the final evaluation conference. Teachers who do not file their grievance within 10 business days may lose their right to appeal.

The rules and ethics that govern the formal evaluation process were established by the state. In doing so, the state made it clear that they see a relationship between the teacher's success and the how the evaluation is handled.

Any teacher who fails their evaluation and believes that the evaluators assessment of their performance is incorrect, should file an appeal. This decision must be made in accordance with the district's grievance procedure. The deadline to make that decision, in most districts, is 10 days.

Contact The SCEA for assistance

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