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The Expanded Educator Support and Evaluation System


News & Updates SCDE's New Teacher Evaluation

On June 11, 2014, the state board approved the new 2014 South Carolina Educator Support and Evaluation System. This system calls for data-driven improvements to ADEPT. There are several important changes to note.

The new model provides for an evaluation system that is "valid, reliable, and fair"; it promises to use "valid measures"; it promises to provide educators with  "clear, timely, and useful feedback"; the results will inform personnel decisions (starting with the 2015-2016 year); and teachers have the right to file an appeal.

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The 2014 South Carolina Educator Support and Evaluation System provides districts with several evaluation models to choose from:

  2. Enhanced ADEPT (4 standards, 11 indicators)
  3. SC Teaching Standards (4 standards, 21 indicators)
  4. TAP
  5. Any other pre-approved rubric via the normal waiver process

All of these require an orientation prior to implementation for the year. This typically takes place the first few days of August during in-service days.

Coming in 2014-2015:

Teachers in tested grades and subjects will engage in the roster verification process to initiate the first year of the 3-year rolling average for calculating value-added scores.

Roster Verification Process Overview

The process includes:

  • Establishing a roster of students taught throughout the year;
  • Indicating the month(s) when students are in and out of the classroom (i.e., mobility); and
  • Reporting the percentage of instruction a teacher has for a given student for a given subject.

While this may seem simple, the greatest challenge states and districts currently face is accurately capturing all of the complex variables that describe the relationships among teachers and students, including student mobility, staff changes, etc.

The SCDE will begin training LEAs on the use of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) for calculating growth scores for teachers in non-tested grades and subjects.

The SCDE will select a value-added vendor and a vendor to supply a teacher observation rubric and a comprehensive evaluation database system. Vendors will be selected based on competitive bidding through the normal state procurement procedures.

The SCDE will develop and release business rules to guide local implementation.

The SCDE will develop and release opt-out criteria for LEAs



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