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SC Educator Evaluation System

Evaluation Toolkit

The SCEA Supports a Valid Evaluation System

On June 11, 2014, the State Board of Education approved a new educator evaluation system. The new model presents a shift from student achievement to student growth using tools like value-added and student learning objectives.

What's Happening in 2014-2015

Initial Implementation

Local education agencies (LEAs) have the option of continuing to use the current ADEPT evaluation tool (SAFE-T), or implementing one of the two pilot rubrics, South Carolina Teaching Standards or Enhanced ADEPT, or any other pre-approved rubric via the normal waiver process.

(Note: Districts were given the option of waiting until 2015-2016 to implement the new evaluation and most districts chose to wait.)

Teachers in tested grades and subjects will engage in the roster verification process to initiate the first year of the 3-year rolling average for calculating value-added scores.

The SCDE will begin training LEAs on the use of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) for calculating growth scores for teachers in non-tested grades and subjects.

The SCDE will select a value-added vendor and a vendor to supply a teacher observation rubric and a comprehensive evaluation database system. Vendors will be selected based on competitive bidding through the normal state procurement procedures.

The SCDE will develop and release business rules to guide local implementation.

The SCDE will develop and release opt-out criteria for LEAs.

Districts have until January 30 to present their 20% student growth choice recommendation to the district and get them approved. READ MORE

What's Happening in 2015-2016

Required Implementation

All schools and districts will implement the State’s expanded support and evaluation model, unless otherwise directed in their 2014—15 educator evaluation plans.

NST will begin using SLOs to measure student growth.

The SCDE will monitor the implementation of the support and evaluation models. Improvements will be made and new details added, as needed.



The SC Department of Education web page related to the ESEA waiver 

This US Department of Education web page posts all activity related to SC's flexibility request.

 The SCEA will provide support and assistance to teachers going through the new evaluation system. Contact us at

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