2019 Legislative Session – Pre-filed Bills

For two weeks in December, South Carolina representatives gathered at the state house to pre-file bills for the 2019 South Carolina legislative session. During that time we worked hard to monitor and comment on K12 education bills. You may recall President Sherry East testifying to the Senate Finance K12 education subcommittee on December 17th.

We have gathered all the bills affecting K12 education and teacher salary so our members can know what to expect when the 2019 legislative session starts January 8th. Click here or on the link below to see the 2019 pre-filed bills. 

Please don't forget to reach out to your state representatives too. You can follow this link to find your state representative and Follow the directions below to tell them what you think.

  1. Click the button below
  2. Type in your address and find your legislators
  3. Choose your SC State Senator and SC State Representative
  4. Click "Send Message" at the top of the page
  5. Copy and paste this message: ​Teacher retention and recruitment are major issues that will impact our state’s ability to prepare an educated workforce for the future.  Increasing teacher salaries to be competitive must be done NOW.  Please support The SCEA’s legislative agenda to give teachers’ a 5% across the board pay increase.  We look forward to working with you in 2019. "
  6. Don't forget to fill in the "word verification box"!
  7. Click "send"

That's all! Thank you for your help and enjoy your holidays! We will see you on January 2nd!

Read the pre-filed 2019+ Education Bills