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It's time to cancel student debt.

Check out our Student Loan Forgiveness resources!
A blue background says "Canceling student debt is about keeping promises." "keeping promises" is in orange text; all other text is white. The SCEA & NEA logos are in the bottom right corner in white.

Take Action

The SCEA & NEA are fighting for debt relief for us all

No one should have to limit their dreams because of the cost of higher education. Whether you attended The SCEA's Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) webinar or missed it, we know you may still have questions and need resources to get the debt forgiveness you deserve. Check out these resources for help!

  1. Here's The SCEA's flyer on PSLF and the Student Debt Navigator that was shared on the call
  2. An NEA FAQ on PSLF Expansion, the waiver, what and who it covers from the NEA Student Debt Hub 
  3. An NEA FAQ on Savi the Student Debt Navigator from the NEA Student Debt Hub 
  4. NEA info on other Debt Support from the NEA Student Debt Hub
  5. Check out a recording from NEA from NEA's student debt experts answer some of the most common questions we've come across assisting our members in this process, including many questions that were asked in our own webinar (which wasn't recorded to protect participant privacy).

Most of these resources and more can be found on the NEA Student Debt Hub. In addition, you can get to Savi, the NEA Student Navigator (free for members) by clicking here

We believe everyone—no matter where they are from or how much is in their bank account—deserves to learn and grow without limits. That’s why tens of thousands of The SCEA & NEA members took action to make sure our higher education system works for students, not for bankers and their profits. 

In October 2021, we received good news from the US Department of Education that we were heard. They announced overhauls to PSLF and the temporary waiver as a result of advocacy. 

 By supporting each other and ensuring our voices were heard, we spoke up together in the tens of thousands nationwide and proved the power of collective voice. 

10 years of public service equals no student debt. That is the promise. And we will not stop until that promise is kept to everyone. Together, we will rewrite the rules to make this a country a place where everyone can prosper. 

 Together we're stronger. Together we're heard.

P.S. These resources for PSLF are important. However, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness reform and waiver are made possible by the most important resource of all: Our union.

Today, we want to invite you to join our movement to ensure educators and school staff are heard anywhere decisions about education are made. With more members like you, we can have an even stronger voice. Join now and pay no dues until September.