Programs and Services

Leadership Development

The SCEA provides opportunities for educators to serve in leadership roles in The SCEA at the local, state or national level. Contact President Hampton.

Member Benefits

Through our member benefits program, members have access to wide variety of benefits and services.


Through the combined resources of the NEA and The SCEA, members have access to a wide variety of data and research on all aspects of public education.

The SCEA Children's Foundation

The SCEA Children's Foundation was established to address student needs that inhibit learning. Contact President Hampton

Legislative Action

Our work at the Statehouse and with elected officials around the state includes educator awareness, research, and lobbying. Contact Joanie Lawson.


Our Communications program keeps members informed through printed publications, press releases, and communications training.

Member Advocacy

Our Member Advocacy Center provides one-on-one assistance to school employees facing employment difficulty. Contact Janet Stein

Professional Development and Conferences

Our professional development sessions place an emphasis on content area mastery. Our cadre of trainers and Distinguished Mentor Teachers have been carefully selected to help teachers develop the skills they need to be successful. Our ongoing professional development program helps teachers stay up-to-date on how children learn, emerging technology tools for the classroom, new curriculum resources, and more. Contact Kathy Richardson.