About us

The mission of The South Carolina Education Association

is to be the leading advocate for quality public education in South Carolina. Watch our video to learn more about our history.

The SCEA is proud to be an affiliate of the NEA. Click here to read about NEA's vision, mission, and values.
On April 1, 2017, The SCEA celebrated the 50th anniversary of the merger of South Carolina Education Association and Palmetto Education Association that created the new The SC Education Association. This video tells our story. We are proud of our history and invite you to share it. For better viewing, turn on your sound.

Fifty years ago this season, a generation of black educators and white educators, living and working in the cradle of the old Confederacy and in what was still one of the most segregated states in our nation, received the torches of their mentors and used them to light a new path together. They answered the spirit of the Supreme Court's call to desegregate. They answered the voices of the civil rights movement's white and black leaders to cooperate. They answered the request of their colleagues nationwide to chart a new course, to draft a new chapter of history, to set an example for the children of a new generation, and to do all of these things together.

The South Carolina Education Association works to promote public education and support public school employees.


We are at the Statehouse talking to elected officials about what's important to educators and public education.


The SCEA provides quality professional conferences and resources to school employees so our children will succeed.


Our Member Advocacy Center provides support to school employees for a wide variety of employment issues.