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Professional Contracts

The information on this page cannot anticipate every scenario, so teachers are encouraged to ask questions BEFORE they sign a contract and call The SCEA if they need help.

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Legal Services

The SCEA Legal Services Program Dushane Legal Services Program The SCEA Dushane Legal Services Program is a 50/50 cost sharing program with NEA. The member must be a member in good standing at the time of the need for legal assistance or at the time the member became aware of the problem, whichever occurred first.…
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Teacher Due Process Law

All public school employees have rights. This varies depending on certified v. non-certified, as well as employment contracts.¬† Title 59, Chapter 25, Article 5 of the SC Code of Laws is a special law that pertains to Continuing Contract teachers. (The term "teacher" includes media, guidance, speech and others.) This law is called the Teacher…
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Filing an Appeal or Grievance

Most, if not all, school districts have an Employee Grievance procedure. This procedure is located in the Personnel section of the school district's Board Policy manual. This is the procedure that your school board put into place for you to use when you believe mistreatment has occurred.¬†ADVANTAGES OF FILING A GRIEVANCE:¬† The grievance procedure forces…
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