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Education Laws

Index to State Laws and Regulations Related to Education
Conduct a Google Search using these codes to get to the online site. Some common issues are highlighted.

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Bullying & Violence Against School Employees

The SCEA Educator Rights Committee encourages public school employees to take a stand against violence and bullying. The SCEA Member Advocacy Center provides training, information, and one-on-one assistance. Contact Us for more information. Bullying can cause life-long emotional, physical, and psychological harm. Learning and understanding more about workplace bullying is a first step to addressing…
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Legal Services

The SCEA Legal Services Program Dushane Legal Services Program The SCEA Dushane Legal Services Program is a 50/50 cost sharing program with NEA. The member must be a member in good standing at the time of the need for legal assistance or at the time the member became aware of the problem, whichever occurred first.…
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