Read to Succeed


  • Improving classroom instruction;
  • Early identification (4k through grade 2) of struggling readers;
  • Intervention to assist struggling readers upon identification;
  • Notification of parent or guardian when child identified as struggling reader;
  • Improving pre and inservice training of teachers;
  • Requiring state and district reading plans; and
  • Connect reading instruction to statewide goals of college and career readiness.

Literacy Add-on Requirement for Teachers

?????????????????The SCEA will incorporate R2S requirements into professional development conferences. Watch our home page for information.

Read to Succeed Update from SCDE
Teachers meeting the R2S endorsement or the R2S Requirement as required by law will not be required to take a PRAXIS exam. Only those teachers who elect to seek add on certification in the existing add on areas (Literacy Teacher, Specialist, Coach) are required to take and pass a PRAXIS exam.  Visit SCDE's certification page for more information. 

SCDE's R2S Page