Education Support Professionals

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Many school support staff think The SCEA is only for teachers. 

Not true!

The SCEA has hundreds of Education Support Professional (ESP) members around the state. If you are not a member, we invite you to join today!

Classified staff are constantly reminded that they are at-will employees and have no rights. The SCEA believes all school employees deserve professional treatment and respect.

We invite and welcome all school employees to become a member. As a member, you belong to a family who has your back if things go wrong at work.

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How We Help

The SCEA Member Advocacy Center provides assistance and support for work related problems. To request help, members should call 864-641-7272 or email

Benefits of Membership
Professional Development

Both The SCEA and NEA provide opportunities for ESP members to grow professionally and personally. We will have a conference in September and March with sessions for ESP members.

Created by paras for paras, PI aims to elevate the profession of paraeducators through policy, professional development, resources, and more.

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