Human & Civil Rights

Each year, The SCEA honors human and civil rights heroes at an elegant luncheon. And every year, those heroes inspire us. We honor our past and rededicate ourselves to the unfinished task of creating a just society. We owe it to the children and young people we educate. We believe, as did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that people of conscience, acting together, can achieve "justice for all."

Nominations for HCR Award - Dec. 1      CRITERIA AND FORMS
HCR AWARDS 2018 - Event Flyer
Solomon Award Criteria

The SCEA Human and Civil Rights Committee established the Richard W. Riley Award in 1997.  Governor Riley was instrumental in leading South Carolina in initiatives to enhance the education of students by enlisting community support, providing a solid financial base, and supporting innovative programs for the schools.  His ideas influenced the education agendas in states throughout the nation.During his term as Secretary of the Department of Education, he skillfully and thoughtfully guided the many changes which positively affected the public education system and prepared the education community and the national community. Richard W. Riley always placed the interests of the students at the forefront of his programs.  He knew the future of our nation depends on the quality of education received by the students.  He also knew that, given a chance, students of all ages are able to make a significant impact toward building respect and appreciation between and among diverse populations. It is to this desire to promote understanding and   motivate students to work for peace that the Richard W. Riley Student Award was established.The SCEA Richard W. Riley Award is given to K-12 students whose achievements in the school and/or community have helped enhance the sense of worth and dignity of others.


The SCEA Human and Civil Rights Committee established the Walker E. Solomon Award in 1980. Some people wait for things to happen while others are determined to make them happen. Walker Emanuel Solomon, Sr. made things happen! He was a born leader who possessed extraordinary skills, which he used to influence social, economic, political, educational and religious developments in South Carolina.When integration occurred in 1968, the PEA and The SCEA merged, Solomon served as The SCEA’s Associate Executive Director.  He was responsible for membership, teacher rights, political action, economic benefits, higher education and human relations.This great educator and public servant advised young people.  “You must strive to be better than anyone else in order to succeed in this world.”The SCEA Walker E. Solomon Award is given to an Individual, a Local Association, School or Community.  The nominee must have worked for the eradication of racial inequities in the education profession, school, and community.  They  must have worked to bring about improved intergroup relations and understanding in the school and community. They also must have been honored by the school and or community for these activities.

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