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The SCEA Legal Services Program

Dushane Legal Services Program

The SCEA Dushane Legal Services Program is a 50/50 cost sharing program with NEA. The member must be a member in good standing at the time of the need for legal assistance or at the time the member became aware of the problem, whichever occurred first.

Dushane legal services are provided in the event the member's employment is in immediate jeopardy. This is defined as suspension, administrative leave, termination, contract non-renewal and action taken against certificates.

About lawsuits:

Members frequently request assistance in filing lawsuits. The SCEA does not provide funding to file individual lawsuits. Our priority is protecting members' employment - unless the situation is so serious, continued employment is not possible. In that instance, we work to ensure that due process rights are protected.

Many members call us and request an attorney. Most of the time, an attorney isn't needed. We have trained staff who can assist members and consult with the attorney if needed.

Employment Liability Insurance  (EEL)

EEL insurance provides reimbursement or funding to members in lawsuits, criminal actions, and damages from violence

The Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Program is a professional liability insurance program that is provided by NEA as a benefit of membership. Educators are frequently exposed to situations that may give rise to legal actions and which can involve personal liability. If a student or a student's parents file suit against a member, the EEL Program will provide the member with insurance protection for the vast majority of cases.

The program also reimburses members for damages to personal property in assault-related incidents. The EEL Program also covers the reimbursements of attorney fees and court costs in the defense of criminal proceedings arising out of educational employment activities if the member is exonerated or the charges dismissed. Proceedings arising out of incidents involving the administration of corporal punishment are covered regardless of the outcome. You are automatically covered in five areas.

Q&A about Professional Liability Insurance

To request legal services, call 864-641-7272.

Legal services for personal or family needs.

The attorney referral services entitle each eligible member to two free consultation sessions of up to 30 minutes each on any topic except income tax preparation or employment related problems.  Where a consultation leads to follow-up legal services, the attorney's pre-discounted rates will be discounted 30% if the problem involves one of the five core areas: 1) wills and estates, 2) domestic relations, 3) consumer protection, 4) real estate, 5) Traffic Violations.  You must mention The SCEA Attorney Referral Program when you call to make an appointment.

Our attorney for this benefit:

Pyatt Law Firm
1507 Bush River Road
Columbia, SC 29210
(803) 750-5929