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State Regulations for Popular Topics

Conduct a "Google" search by entering these codes. Example: Type "43-58 South Carolina" on the search line and press enter.

  • 43-58.          disciplinary action on educator certificates
  • 43-58.1.       reporting terminations to the SDE
  • 43-205.        qualifications, duties, and class size, workloads
  • 43-205.1.     formal evaluation for teachers
  • 43-206.        professional personnel resignation
  • 43-209.        paraprofessionals - positions, qualifications and duties
  • 43-220.        class size, minutes of instruction
  • 43-279.         student conduct and discipline
  • 59-25-160    Just Cause
  • 59-25-410.   Teacher Contracts
  • 59-25-420.   Teacher contracts; opportunity for hearing if not reemployed.
  • 59-25-430-440  Dismissal of teachers
  • 59-25-450.   Suspension of teachers; reinstatement.
  • 59-25-530.   Unprofessional conduct; breach of contract.
  • 16-3-1040.   Threatening life, person or family of public official or public employee;

Safe Schools Act