Advocacy Center Services

The SCEA's Member Advocacy Center

addresses a wide range of member needs across the state. We provide resources and help members learn skills to improve their work environment.

The SCEA Member Advocacy Center provides assistance, representation, and support to members who are experiencing employment difficulties. This assistance includes the following:

phone consultation
assistance in filing appeals
addressing disciplinary action, failed evaluations, etc.
writing rebuttal letters
representation in meetings with administration
contract non-renewal
conflicts with administration or colleagues

Janet Stein

Confidentiality - All calls, emails and communication with us is confidential. We do not make contact with the employer or take any action without the member's request.

When Should Members Call The SCEA Member Advocacy CenterMembers should call as soon as a problem arises. Often, members struggle with a problem too long and the stress and anxiety takes its toll. We encourage members to call as soon as possible so we can provide guidance and assistance. Very often, a problem can be resolved if it is addressed before things get out of control. Members who call The SCEA will find a caring professional association ready to help.

To ask a simple question, send us an email
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