Our History – Past Presidents

Below is a list of the dedicated education leaders who served as presidents of both organizations beginning in 1925 and through the time of the historic merger.  Through their leadership and commitment, public school employees had a voice in South Carolina from 1925 to the present! Join us in honoring their service.

Presidents of The South Carolina Education Association 

1968                Dr. J. G. McCracken (deceased)
1968-69          Robert S. Moore (deceased)
1969-70          J. McBride Crout (deceased)
1970-71           Dr. Claude E. Kitchens
1971-72           Mrs. Ruby Fricks
1972-73           Dr. Agness H. Wilson-Burgess
1973-74           Richard W. Fowler
1974-75           Nelle H. Taylor (deceased)
1975-76           Dr. Edward E. Taylor (deceased)
1976-77           Roy M. Biddle (deceased)
1977-78           Terry McMillan
1978-79           Martha K. Kanapaux
1979-80           Eleane W. Marks
1980-81           Joseph B. Sherman (deceased)
1981-82           Vivian M. Watson
1985-85           Joseph A. Vaughn
1985-86           Betty Cunningham
1986-87           Elaine W. Marks
1987-88           Terry McMillan
1988-89           Sheila C. Gallagher
1989-90           Sheila C. Gallagher
1990-91           Betty J. Cunningham
1991-92           Betty J. Cunningham
1991-92           James A. Gilstrap
1992-93           James A. Gilstrap
1994-96           Sheila C. Gallagher
1996-98           Joyce A. Abel
1998-2000        Jackie B. Hicks
2000-2002       Joyce R. Wilson
2002-2004       Jan P. McCarthy
2004-2006       Sheila C. Gallagher
2006-2010       Sheila C. Gallagher
2010-2014       Jackie B. Hicks
2014-Present   Bernadette R. Hampton

Past Presidents of SCEA

1925                Dr. B.L. Parkinson
1928                Dr. L.P. Hollis
1929                Colonel George W. Wannamaker
1931                H. O. Strohecker
1932                Dr. A.C. Flora
1934                Dr. C. K. Wright
1937                Dr. J. C. Holler
1938                N.M. Huckabee
1939                Dr. E. W. Rushton
1940                Dr. W.F. Loggins
1942                Dr. Jesse T. Anderson
1943                Z. L. Madden
1945                Miss Ruth Williams
1946                Paul Dorman
1947                Mrs. Louise Carson Cheatham
1949                Ruth D. Thomas
1950                J. Paul Beam
1951                Miss Lois Carter
1953                Miss Gladys Robinson
1954                Dr. G Creighton Frampton
1955                Mrs. Hester S. Medlin
1957                Mrs. Maude H. Marcom
1958                Dr. M.T. Anderson
1959                Miss Lillian Grant
1960                Dr. G.T. Myers
1961                Miss Harriett S. Mason
1962                Guy L. Varn
1963                Mrs. Grace Rhodes
1964                Wm. Arthur Smith
1965                Mrs. Margaret F. Kelly
1966                Cyril B. Busbee
1967                Mrs. G.C. Mangum
1968                Dr. J.G. McCracken
1969                Robert S. Moore

Past Presidents of Palmetto Education Association

1930-32           Dr. C.A. Johnson
1935-36           C.V. Bing
1938-40           Dr. Gerard A. Anderson
1942-44           Dr. J. T. W. Mims
1946-48           James T. McCain
1948-50           Dr. John F. Potts
1952-54           John R. Bowen
1954-56           Dr. Madge P. Harper
1956-58           Dr. Lelia A. Bradby
1958-60           Mrs. Alberta T. Grimes
1962-64           Hudson L. Barksdale
1964-66           C.E. Watkins
1966-67           Mrs. Ellen C. Watson