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Contracts must be delivered before May 1. Continuing Contract teachers have 15 calendar days from the date of the written notice of contract non-renewal to file an appeal. Legal Services are provided. Members should notify us immediately so the appeal is filed by the deadline.   Contract FAQs: What Teachers Need to Know
Teachers who want to appeal their evaluation should act quickly and follow locate their district's policy. It should be in the board policy manual, employee handbook, or on the website in the evaluation area or human resources. Here are two resource pages related to evaluation. Evaluation  Page
School employees who want to file a grievance or appeal have a limited number of days to take this action. An appeal to challenge the non-renewal of contracts must be filed within 15-calendar days of the written notice of non-renewal (continuing contracts only). Employee grievances must be filed within 5, 10, 25, or 30 days depending on the district's policy. The policies are found on the district's website, either in the human resources page or the school board page. The grievance procedure is sometimes included in employee handbooks. Grievances  
The SCEA Member Advocacy Center provides confidential assistance with employment problems. School employees can find themselves in challenging situations. Members of The SCEA do not have to navigate these situations alone. Legal Services are provided to members when action is taken against their employment. Legal Services
School employees may want to write a letter in response to a reprimand, evaluation or some other matter. The SCEA can help members write a letter that is professional, appropriate and more likely to be read. Members who want this service should write a rough draft that captures the details and send the letter to us at or call us at 864-641-7272. The situation may be time sensitive, so members should not delay. 
School districts start making  important staffing decisions in the spring and throughout the summer. These decisions impact hiring, career advancement, and certificated. End of the Year Contract Decisions