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  1. Visit NEA’s Bully Free Starts With Me
  2. See these video tributes on our web site from President Obama and Country signer Hunter Hayes
  3. SC Safe Schools Act
  4. SC School Discipline Laws and Regulations
  5. This document is a compilation of Student and School Safety Laws and Regulations. This is the best overall resource.
  6. This is a good NEA article about bullying of school employees. School employees are also victims of bullying.

What SC Laws Cover Bullying?

  1. South Carolina Code Annotated §59-63-110. Safe school climate act
  2. South Carolina Code Annotated §59-63-120. Definitions
  3. South Carolina Code Annotated §59-63-130. Prohibited conduct; reports by witnesses
  4. South Carolina Code Annotated §59-63-140. Local school districts to adopt policies prohibiting harassment; required components; model policies by State Board of Education; bullying prevention programs
  5. South Carolina Code Annotated §59-63-150. Availability of civil or criminal redress; immunity of reporting school employee or volunteer
  6. South Caroline Code Annotated §59-63-210. Grounds for which trustees may expel, suspend, or transfer pupils; petition for readmission; expulsion, suspension, or transfer
  7. South Carolina Code Annotated §59-63-217. Barring enrollment of student; grounds; notice and hearing; duration of bar
  8. South Carolina Code Annotated §59-63-275. Student hazing prohibited; definitions


See these video tributes from President Obama and Country star Hunter Hayes

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