When to Call Us / How to Reach Us

When Should Members Call The SCEA Member Advocacy Center?

Members should call as soon as a problem arises. Why struggle with a problem too long and let the stress and anxiety take its toll?

We encourage members to call as soon as possible so we can provide guidance and assistance early. Very often, a problem can be resolved if it is addressed before things get out of control. Members who call The SCEA will find a caring professional association ready to help.

Calls are usually returned within 24-48 hours on business days, depending on call volume.
Please be aware that the following issues can result in a delay:

  • automated message that the voice mailbox is not set up or full
  • automated messages that the phone is not taking calls
  • caller ID is blocked
  • poor audio reception

Please note that our phone is a land phone. If you send a text message, we will not get it.

You may also request assistance by submitting a request for assistance. Press the button and go!

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