Before You Do Anything

In the heat of the moment, that post on Facebook, that call to a school board member, or that letter you want to write to the superintendent may not be the best approach.

Regardless of the situation or how upset you are, it's important to calm down and seek advice before you do anything. Actions you take in the heat of the moment cannot be undone.

Here are some general guidelines:

Contact The SCEA as soon as possible.

Do not sign anything or make important decisions under duress. Just say you need t ime to consider things and seek counsel.

You cannot be forced to resign. A resignation is voluntary - your choice - no matter how much pressure you feel or how demanding the boss. Do not resign in that climate. Take time to give it the thought it deserves and call The SCEA for advice.

Do not talk about your employment issue in a "public" manner. Stay off social media and don't call the school board. Action must be taken at the right time and in the right way.

Avoid taking action based on advice from friends and others who do not know the law related to your employment. You pay dues for legal advice and you should take advantage of that benefit.

Keep copies of all important work-related documents in your personal possession not stored on the school computer.

Work to build a strong positive relationship with the administration and deliver the best work you can. This work ethic goes a long way to your success.

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