Teacher Due Process Law

All public school employees have rights. This varies depending on certified v. non-certified, as well as employment contracts. 

Title 59, Chapter 25, Article 5 of the SC Code of Laws is a special law that pertains to Continuing Contract teachers. (The term "teacher" includes media, guidance, speech and others.) This law is called the Teacher Employment Dismissal Act or TEDA. Here is an overview of the most important benefits:

  • Annual notification of re-employment before May 1
  • Priority re-employment following reduction in force
  • Notice of separation from employment and opportunity for hearing
  • Dismissal for cause only
  • Notice of reasons for potential separation
  • Written notice of reasons for suspension and opportunity for hearing
  • The right to have a representative in dismissal meetings
  • Substantive and procedural due process including
  • Written notice of cause
  • Written notice of opportunity for hearing
  • Option for public or private hearing
  • Hearing within fifteen days of request
  • The privilege of being present with counsel at the hearing
  • Opportunity to cross-examine witnesses
  • Opportunity to offer witnesses
  • Decision by the board within ten days following the hearing

Member Alert

Teachers who want to file an appeal to non-renewal must do so within 15 calendar days. This is a state law and it is non-negotiable.