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Tell the Legislature to Support School Libraries!

Encourage the House Education & Public Works Committee and the Senate Education Committee to stand with the South Carolina Association of School Librarians and support the freedom to read!
young girl sitting on the floor of a bookstore reading a book

Take Action

Stand with SCASL and fight for every South Carolina student to have the Freedom to Read!

On August 25th, the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDOE) severed a 50-year relationship between SCDOE and the South Carolina Association for School Librarians (SCASL). One cited reason for ending the partnership was because SCASL has spoken out about how book bans and censorship attempts jeopardize employee safety and make it harder to recruit and retain school librarians.  

Every South Carolina student deserves to feel protected, respected, and reflected in their public schools. They deserve to see themselves in their lessons and in the books available for them to read. Well-stocked libraries and the librarians that run them are a vital part of making that a reality. 

Stand in solidarity with SCASL by asking members of the state House and Senate Education Committees to support school librarians and the freedom to read.