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Visit our EVENTS page for upcoming conferences.
NEA Interviews the presidential candidates. Follow this link to see what they had to say on education issues - In Their Own Words


The SCEA provides support to educators as the districts roll out a new evaluation system. For help, call 864-641-7272 or email

Our Evaluation Page

SLO Training & Support
The SCEA is providing training and support for SLOs. For help, send an email to

SLO Teacher Training Toolkit
This page is provided by the SCDE. This toolkit is an excellent resource.

Student Growth
This page provides links and resources related to student growth.

Making Sense of the Metrics
This white paper discusses the relationship between value added measure and effective teaching.

September 7 - Closed
September 11-12 - PRAXIS
September 19 - Fall PD Conference
October 24 - Rep Assembly
November 16-20 - AEW
November 26-27 - Closed
December 18-January 1 - Closed
January 18 - Closed
January 23 - The SCEA HCR
February 5-6 - PRAXIS Workshops
March 2 - Read Across America Day
March 5 - Winter PD Conference
March 25, 28 - Closed
April 16 - The SCEA Exec Board
May 5 - National Teacher Appreciation Day
May 21 - The SCEA Exec Board
May 30 - Closed, Memorial Day
June 14-15 - SLC

More Events at The SCEA


2015 Summer Leadership Conference

NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia's
Keynote Speech 2015 Rep Assembly

Roundtable with President O'Bama:
The High Price of Education