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Teacher stands proudly in front of her students.

The SCEA Members Are Working for the Schools South Carolina Students and Educators Deserve

The South Carolina Education Association (The SCEA) represents members employed in public schools throughout South Carolina and is an affiliate of the largest professional association of educators in the country. As the leading advocate for the schools South Carolina students deserve, The SCEA and its community partners believe in opportunity for every student and in the power of public education to transform lives and create a more just and inclusive society.
President Sherry East
There is nothing we cannot do when we join together to work for the respect South Carolina educators deserve and the public schools South Carolina students deserve.
Quote by: Sherry East, President of The SCEA

Our best hope for student success is you.

Your passion and commitment are crucial to helping students—of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds—learn, grow, and fulfill their potential. Here's how you can get started...
South Carolina students dancing and clapping

Be a voice for students

Students have a right to a safe, welcoming, and affirming learning environment in a school that respects and values them and is free of bias. Learn about issues affecting our students and how you can help students succeed.
The SCEA members in the South Carolina Capitol

Advocate for your rights and working conditions

Those who serve our students and communities need the support, resources, and working conditions to excel in their work. The power and influence of The SCEA community are here to help you understand your rights and improve your working conditions.
One member leads a professional develop

Build your career and find opportunities to lead

Being an education professional requires passion, dedication, confidence, and resilience. Our community helps educators at all stages in their career become leaders in their profession, in their union, and in their communities. Explore how you can achieve professional excellence and mentor others through leadership development.
Teachers protest for better working conditions

Advance justice with us

Across the state of South Carolina, we are with you. We are right there next to you fighting for our students. Fighting for our future. We need to dismantle unjust systems. We need to fully fund our public schools. We need to hold our elected leaders accountable. And we need your help to make it happen!

Use Your Educator Voice.

We are THE voice for educators in South Carolina. See what membership can mean for you!

Let's Get Real

Let's Bring Real Change

Let's Get Real

More than one in five LGTBQ+ youth living in unaccepting communities attempted suicide in 2022, compared to 8 percent in very accepting places.

Let's Bring Real Change

educator holds a stack of books with Twas the Night Before Pride on the top and visible
Read about the importance of supporting and protecting LGBTQ+ students, take action, and get involved with the movement.
Learn how to defend the freedom of our LGBTQ+ students

Standardized tests are inaccurate, inequitable, and don’t accurately measure student learning and growth.

Let's Bring Real Change

standardized testing failure
"I don’t think there’s any worse way to decide the worth of a human being than by how they choose A, B, C or D on some standardized test."
— Pete Stone, Teacher

SC Public Schools Lost $534 Million to Corporate Tax Breaks in FY 2021. The highest-losing school district in the state, Berkeley County, lost $84 million.

Let's Bring Real Change

A shot from the set of "The Problem with Jon Stewart" showing Jon Stewart, and 3 guests, including The SCEA President Sherry East in a blue coat.
“How many things could this money fix, how many buildings could this money repair, and how many teacher salaries and support staff could be hired with the money we are handing to profitable organizations?"
Take Action for Fully Funded Schools

What’s on Your Mind?

We’re here to help. Our community comes to us seeking tools (guides, reports, trainings, and more) to help answer everyday questions. We’re here to support you in whatever you need.
Members pose with Red for Ed shirts.

Go local, get active

The best way you can support students and protect public education is to get involved directly in your community. At The SCEA, we partner closely with local affiliates and members to support you where you live and work.

Your Voice. Our Power. Their Future.

The SCEA is an affiliate of the largest professional association of educators in the country. As the leading advocate for the schools South Carolina students deserve, The SCEA works to promote quality public education and to support public school employees.