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Share How Censorship Would Impact You!

Certain politicians are seeking to divide and distract us by passing bills to censor the history we can teach and what our students can learn. Share how this harmful legislation would impact you.
diverse students talking in a circle in school library

Take Action

Share your story about how censorship will impact your classroom!

Pledge to stand up for Truth! Most of us believe that all children deserve an honest, accurate public education—an education that teaches critical thinking and how to learn from mistakes to make a better future. Political bans that censor and whitewash our history harm our students. 

House Bill 3728 will censor and chill discussions of race, gender and other important issues in K-12 and higher education classrooms and restrict their ability to respect, reflect, and protect all students in their schools. It will burden educators with unnecessary complaint processes and risk the loss of a significant amount of state funding. 

We're asking you to share your story. If you have been impacted by censorship policies, if you have had a lesson plan changed, if you are worried that this bill will negatively impact your classroom, then please share that story with us so that we can share them with members of the legislature.