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The South Carolina Education Association draws upon the collective strength of thousands of members across the state, to make public schools a better place to learn and work. With the combined resources and benefits provided by our affiliation with the NEA - National Education Association - we are the best chance for educators and education in South Carolina.

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Understanding The SCEA's Support Chain

Additional Ways You'll Benefit


Cost-saving member benefits. Through the buying power of the NEA's 3.2 million members, you'll have acess to hundreds of great programs from NEA Member Benefits. Check out and you will see great rates on insurance, mobile phone plans, home financing, and much more!


Help and Legal Protection. It takes only one unfounded accusation to turn your career upside down. Your membership with The SCEA is your lifeline. In addition to our skilled staff assistance, you'll be covered by the Association Educators Employment Liability policy with its $1 million of insurance for claims relating to your education employment activities and access to our Member Advocacy Center and Formal Evaluation Support Center.


Grant opportunities. Every year, The SCEA members apply for grants from the NEA Foundation to support instructional innovation, leadership, and other priorities. If you have a great idea, we can help make it happen.


Classroom ideas. You'll benefit from great instructional ideas through the curriculum and classroom areas of our website and publications. Add to that your access to the NEA web site, and you have a treasure chest of strategies and tips to sharpen your craft.


Collegiality. Teachers understand and support one another. Through The SCEA, you and your colleagues have the opportunity to discuss and act on the professional issues that matter to you. And our meetings, events and conferences are a great opportunity to meet and learn from other educators!


Influence. As the largest organization of professional educators in South Carolina, we have the ear of legislators to talk about education funding and issues important to you. 


Ways to Enroll 

Click HERE to enroll online and submit your form online.

If you prefer to mail or fax your form, print the form, complete it offline and then send it to us.

To enroll by phone, send your name and number to and we will call you.

College Students: CLICK HERE to Join

Enjoy Your Benefits!

If you need help, see our Rep in your school OR call us at 803-551-4137.

New to South Carolina?  Great Book!

Feel free to send an e-mail to if you have questions.

Remember to include your banking, credit or debit card information for convenient monthly drafts, and sign/date your form.

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