The SCEA member Stephanie Johnson received the Horace Mann Award of Teaching Excellence. Stephanie teaches at H.B. Rhame Elementary School in Richland School District 1.
Stephanie serves on the executive board of The SCEA and is a trainer for The SCEA Children’s Foundation. She also serves on NEA’s National ESSA Implementation Team and was a Minority Leader Training participant. Currently, Johnson is a Hope Street Group National Fellow.

Shown here with Stephanie (black dress) are Columbia City Council members and Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin.

RCEA Officers for 2016-2017

President – Christi L. Lewis
WJ Keenan High School
(803) 551-4133
Vice President Richland 1 – Vivian Hernandez
Vice President Richland 2 – Benjamin Washington
Secretary – Veronica McDonald
Treasurer – Janille Harvey

UniServ Director

Noelle Poole-Enoch

Board Members

Board A Richland 1 – Stephanie Trevitz
Board B Richland 1 – Micheal Keitt
Board C Richland 1 – Elizabeth Gregory
Board D Richland 1 – Michael Alston
Board E Richland 1 – Vivian Hernandez
Board F Richland 1 – Adicia Nelums
Board G Richland 2 – Vacant
Board H Richland 2 – Monica Snell
Board I Richland 2 – Vacant
Board J Richland 2 – Robert Stutts


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