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The SCEA members in the Statehouse

Elections have consequences. That's why we must elect champions of Public Education.

The SCEA is leading the way. We are the strongest force for public education and democracy in South Carolina.

Election Information

South Carolina’s November general election will determine who is elected as governor, state Superintendent of Education, U.S. Senate, seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, South Carolina House of Representative seats, and many other statewide and local races.

Ways to vote

  • Early, in-person voting: Starting this year, all registered voters can vote early and in person at county voter registration and elections offices. Early voting will take place from Oct. 24th to Nov. 5th. Voting centers will be open 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday during early voting.
  • Voting in person on Election Day: The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 8. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  
  • Absentee voting: Absentee ballots are available to only some voters, including people 65 and older, those who are sick or physically disabled and those who will be out of town on Election Day. You’ll need a witness signature to cast an absentee ballot. The state election commission’s website features a full list of those eligible to cast an absentee ballot.

Voter Registration

Check your voter registration information and polling place.  Register now to be eligible to vote in the November 8 election.

Registration Deadlines:

  • By mail: Download and complete a registration form, and then mail it to your county board of voter registration. Or call your local registration office and ask that a form be mailed to you. Your form must be postmarked by October 11 if you wish to vote in the general election.
Dr. Clifford Lee
We need to make sure that we speak up and speak out . . . show that we are unafraid to use our expertise and inform them.
Quote by: Dr. Clifford Lee, Teacher

The SCEA Recommendation Process

The SCEA Fund for Children & Public Education (The SCEA FCPE) is a Political Action Committee (PAC) established and funded by members of The SCEA to recommend and support public education champions for local, state, and federal office.

The PAC recommendation process is member-driven, and candidates running for The SCEA-PAC-recommended office have the opportunity to seek the recommendation of the The SCEA-PAC.

Candidates seeking the The SCEA-PAC recommendation engage with members in a number of ways, including the completion of a candidate questionnaire, and participating in a question and answer session with members during the The SCEA-PAC screening interviews.

State Superintendent Candidates

The SCEA PAC recommends Lisa Ellis for the office of State Superintendent of Education.

To aid supporters of Public Schools in better understanding the positions of the Democratic and Republican candidates, The SCEA sent questionnaires to all candidates in the primary.

The SCEA's recommended candidate Lisa Ellis's questionnaire is outlined in the chart below. The other candidate Ellen Weaver did not respond or return the questionnaire.

We also encourage you to open Lisa's full responses below the chart.

State superintendent comparison summary. Full responses can be read below.
Ellen Weaver - No Response

Your Voice. Our Power. Their Future.

The SCEA is an affiliate of the largest professional association of educators in the country. As the leading advocate for the schools South Carolina students deserve, The SCEA works to promote quality public education and to support public school employees.