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Members of The SCEA pose for a picture with Senator Mike Fanning

Join The SCEA Today! You belong in the movement!

The SCEA is the union for educators in South Carolina. By banding together, our members impact meaningful change for educators and students.

Together, we have successfully raised educator wages, improved working conditions, supported student loan forgiveness, and made sure the voices of educators are actually heard. With more members like you, we can have an even stronger voice. Join us today.

Pete Stone
A collective group like The SCEA is a proven, trusted network to support you in the ability to step out there and say “This has to change,” and you won’t be stepping out alone.
Quote by: Pete Stone, Teacher

Whether you’ve worked in education for one day or forty years, now is the time to band together and be heard anywhere decisions about education are made. Now is the time to join.

Together, we are united in providing a high-quality education, so that every student can attain their dreams. We all have a part to play in the movement, and we represent everyone in every role on the frontlines of public schools all across the state, from Chesterfield to Charleston, Oconee to Horry.

The result? A union as strong and diverse as its communities.

Join The SCEA!

Linda Douglass
We encouraged each other, we broke down a lot of barriers . . . We know that within ourselves, we can conquer anything together.
Quote by: Linda Douglass, Bus Driver

We Stand Together

Be part of the movementBecoming a member of The South Carolina Education Association connects you with a movement of school staff supporting each other. We are a community that will help you advocate for the funding, resources, and support you, your schools, and your students deserve. This includes:

Liz Humphrey
South Carolina educators deserve the right to equal funding for their classrooms, equal funding for their students, most importantly their voices to be heard.
Quote by: Elizabeth Humphrey, School Technologist

Using Our Educator Voice

We need and deserve fair salaries and benefits. We need and deserve safe workplaces that respect who we are and what we bring to our students. We need and deserve the right to demand change. Let’s redefine the workplace together.
We Need a Raise!

Tell your legislators: We ALL deserve a raise!

South Carolina's students deserve to have fully staffed schools & a highly qualified educator every classroom. Legislators need to fund it. Urge your Senator and Representative to fund raises for ALL South Carolina educators and schools staff.
protect public schools

Protect Public Schools. Say NO to Vouchers!

S.935 is a harmful voucher bill designed to send your public tax dollars to private schools. Any investment in education must be invested in Public Schools that proudly accept and serve all students. Your Senator needs to hear from you now. Contact your Senator and tell them to say NO on vouchers!
Take Action & Stand for Truth!

Stand Up for Truth!

The House Education and Public Works Committee has concluded public testimony on five bills that seek to pit parents against educators by imposing top-down censorship policies that limit what history our children can learn and what books they can read. Public Testimony may be over but the fight for Truth is not. We need you to take action now!
Crystal Whitaker
I always try to make sure that I’m teaching my students how to make their community better. My students deserve opportunities for a good future.
Quote by: Crystal Whitaker, Teacher
Red for Ed

Ready to stand up for public schools?

Learn more about the issues and policies that impact public education, then take action to support students.

Your Voice. Our Power. Their Future.

The SCEA is an affiliate of the largest professional association of educators in the country. As the leading advocate for the schools South Carolina students deserve, The SCEA works to promote quality public education and to support public school employees.