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Press Release

The SCEA Brings Over 100 Educators to State House for Lobby Day

Lobby Day 2023 was a big success!
100+ educators at the State House for Lobby Day
Published: March 9, 2023

COLUMBIA – The South Carolina Education Association (The SCEA) brought over 100 educators to the Statehouse for Lobby Day on Wednesday, an event that connects educators to their elected officials and provides opportunities to discuss legislation that will impact public education.

“Advocacy is an important part of The SCEA’s mission,” said The SCEA President Sherry East. “We have found that events such as Lobby Day inspire educators to get involved with the political process and build their confidence as they advocate for their colleagues and students.”

The General Assembly has introduced several pieces of potential legislation that could significantly harm public education in South Carolina, including censorship legislation and multiple voucher bills, which would funnel taxpayer funds away from public schools and into private institutions.

“We have seen time and again that we have the power to defeat these harmful measures when our members come together and speak up,” said East. “Lobby Day provides educators with the great opportunity to use their voice in the fight for public education and the schools our students deserve.

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The SCEA is an affiliate of the largest professional association of educators in the country. As the leading advocate for the schools South Carolina students deserve, The SCEA works to promote quality public education and to support public school employees.