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NEA Issue Explainer

Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education blends academic and career skills with hands-on learning, giving students a competitive edge.
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Published: 12/02/2021
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High-quality technical education programs create opportunities for students to discover their interests and talents. These programs tap into students’ passions, leading them to solid careers that will build fulfilling lives.

Career and Technical Education programs can boost graduation rates by keeping students engaged in learning and focused on their future.

Educators must be involved in decision-making at all levels in these programs, especially as advocates for funding. Students need up-to-date equipment, support services, and assistance in getting important certifications.

Dave Hope
“The construction of any building you’re in, the working lights and power sources, the comfortable temperature of a room—none of it is possible without Career and Technical Education.”
Quote by: Dave Hope, Firefighting and EMT Technician Educator, St. Louis, MO,

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