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South Carolina State HouseThe SCEA is the voice of public education at the State House.

Voting trends in SC show that voters often leave political decisions to elected leaders. The SCEA encourages public school employees to be involved in the political decisions that impact public educators. The collective voices of educators are a powerful force that can improve education.

Annually, members of The SCEA meet in Columbia and make decisions that set our legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative session that begins in January. In addition to our legislative priorities, The SCEA monitors new bills that are introduced and works to either support or oppose them. While teachers are busy teaching, The SCEA is at the Statehouse, watching out for our members.

2018 The SCEA Legislative Agenda

The South Carolina Education Association Recommendations to Recruit & Retain Teachers as a Result of Proviso 1.92  Read more

The SCEA Teacher Salary Schedule Recommendations

The SCEA has been engaged in proposals for the teacher salary schedule and discussion with the Senate K-12 Education Equity Committee. Please follow the links below to see what we are doing.


The SCEA Community School Proposal

Here is what we accomplished during the 2017 legislative session thanks to YOUR support:
  • A-F school grading removed
  • Stabilized pension contributions
  • Stopped ballot referendum for appointing State Superintendent
  • Base student costs increased
  • Salary step increases
  • Teacher supply funds guaranteed
  • NBCT program for new participants extended for another year
  • No health plan contribution increase
  • School bus funding increases
Educators are the VOICE in their community and school district. Do you need change in your district? Your school? Do you need better working conditions?

You're powerful — because you live and vote in your legislator's district. And it's the job of your lawmakers to represent you.  But they can't effectively represent your interests unless you communicate with them around the issues you care about. Your elected representatives pay close attention to grassroots points of view expressed by their constituents and take those views into account when the final votes are cast. That's why YOU can play an important role of all in shaping legislation.

Choose to make a difference by becoming an active participant with others in policymaking.



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