New Educators

Welcome, New Educators!

The SCEA invites you to belong to The SCEA, your professional association. We are your partner in success.

No matter where you are on your professional journey, The SCEA is here for you. Here are reasons you should belong to The SCEA.

You are never on your own. You would be part of a family of 3 million educators – teachers, education support professionals – such as bus drivers and nurses, counselors and higher education faculty members.

Your voice can be heard. Through The SCEA/NEA, educators can offer our expertise and knowledge when policy decisions are made. Together, our voices give us power.

You can grow in our profession. You can access people and resources and make connections at your school, in your state and throughout the nation among NEA’s more than 3 million members. As a The SCEA/NEA member, you have access to high-quality professional development and education experts to help when you need it.

You have friends in powerful places. When it comes to advocating for our students, educators and public education, we have a seat at the table and we support each other.

As a The SCEA member you are part of the NEA family that works to give students the education they deserve. When you join NEA you are part of a family filled with some of the brightest, most dedicated, passionate, energetic, optimistic people you will ever meet.

Lastly, we are stronger together – when we work together to support one another and our students. We look forward to speaking with each of you today, listening to each of you today, and learning from each of you today about what you need and want, and what motivated you to enter the classroom.

Take our very brief  SURVEY and let us know how we can support you this year.

If you are teaching full time this year, click here to become a member of The SCEA  Join Teachers

If you are still in school, join our Student Program  Join Students

New educators will find awesome resources on NEA's New Educator page. New Educators

Visit our student page. Student

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    The SCEA welcomes all new teachers! We look forward to supporting you this year.