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Don't wait. You Belong!

The Student SCEA

The Student SCEA members are the leading voice for the next generation of educators.
The Student SCEA logo

The Student South Carolina Education Association (The Student SCEA) is a unique community supporting undergraduate and graduate students as they prepare for careers in education. 

This community is active on college and university campuses across the state, providing members with the support they need to complete their education training and empower them to be active, successful and visible members of their profession.

When aspiring educators are supported, everyone's future is brighter.

Aspiring Educators matter because they are the leading voice of the next generation of educators and leaders in this nation.
The Student SCEA members chat.


Take charge of your own professional development so you can make a smooth transition from the ​campus to the classroom.
A student teacher presents to a group.


​Improve your leadership and advocacy skills to advocate for the profession and develop a strong voice for the schools our students deserve.
Aspiring Educators discuss issues facing schools today.


Be part of an active network of like-minded professionals across the state & country committed to protecting and promoting the rights of all public school students.
Brandon McKinnedy
I want to empower students to become the best that they can.
Quote by: Brandon McKinnedy, Aspiring Educator
Six aspiring educator members from SC State University pose for a photo. Three student members are in the front, all are smiling, and the student in the right corner is flashing a peace sign. There are three students in the back row, also smiling, with the person to the furthest right flashing a peace sign. In the background, there are blue and pink neon lights and the image of The SCEA logo in white is just barely visible in the spaces between people.

You Belong!

To help you start your career off right, The SCEA will pay your for your dues in The SCEA and NEA Aspiring Educator program. Don't wait.

Your Voice. Our Power. Their Future.

The SCEA is an affiliate of the largest professional association of educators in the country. As the leading advocate for the schools South Carolina students deserve, The SCEA works to promote quality public education and to support public school employees.